How Many Times Do You Need To Replace Your Glasses?

A lot of people that are wearing their glasses think that they no longer need to replace their eyeglasses because they can last forever. These people have never even considered once that their eye vision changes every year, depending on the kind of lifestyle they have. Not many people realize it, but their old eyeglasses may already be working against them, causing their everyday lives fatigue or eyestrain. They just didn’t notice it because these symptoms seem like they are normal. But another reason why they never considered getting a new pair of glasses is because they have no idea they should be doing so in the first place. It is as stated in, and you can find more information in regards to the condition of your glasses there.

The first time you had your glasses was when they were given to you by your optometrist. They give you advises on how you should take care of your glasses and the next time you should have your eyes checked. Most of the time, the optometrist will recommend to  you when it will be the right time to replace your old eyeglasses. Adults and children that are over the age of 6 should have their eyes checked at least once every two years if they do not have any poor vision and other risk factors that exposes them to various eye problems. Seniors over the age of sixty are recommended to have their eyes checked annually or more than once a year, as per instructions from their doctor. During the exam, you as a patient will need to ask the optometrist if you need to replace your glasses. Always bring your old prescription or current eyeglasses with you before you make your visit so that the optometrist can check them for its durability and any damages or flaws.

There are reasons why your optometrist is telling you to have a new pair of eyeglasses even if you feel like your vision is okay. This can be dangerous, especially if you are using old prescription glasses. It could be the reason why it is causing eyestrain. This is why most of those who are using eyeglasses permanently always visit their optometrist once a year, to check whether or not the condition of their eyes has changed for better or worse.

Just like how technology has advanced over time, the technology used to make your prescription lenses also improves or even change entirely. Every passing year, the improvements are made gradually in order to provide better service to their eye patients. They will also be providing better lenses in order to have better vision. You will be surprised that there are certain lenses or eyeglasses that are so light that it feels like you are not wearing any glasses at all. This is all because of the advancement of technology. Read more about the new technologies used for creating eyeglasses at so that the next time you visit your optometrist and change your prescription glasses, you can order in some options on how you want your new glasses to look and feel like.

Author: Arne Agrimson

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