The Different Types of Vision Defects You Might Be Unaware Of

It is given to our body to deteriorate as we grow old, yet we can slow the factors down if we only take good care of our body, perform healthy habits and at the same time, eat the proper food our body needs in order for it to fight against the ageing and damages. Now, you will know about the different eye defects and the corresponding care you could give your eyes. If there are any symptoms noticed that match the examples, visit

The Refractive error related defects or the so called blurred vision

  • The Nearsightedness- this condition is the case of having the capability of seeing things clearly in close up yet very blurry when seen from a distance.
  • The Farsightedness- the opposite of having the nearsightedness, things are clear from afar.
  • The Presbyopia- this is a natural condition brought by ageing and this will require you to have your eyeglasses.
  • The Astigmatism- this is a condition caused by deformities in your cornea and causes you blurry vision as well as migraines.

Having Crossed Eyes- there are two factors of having this kind of eye condition, that is either be inborn or any accidents and health conditions that affected greatly your eyes. These conditions are as follows:

  • The Esotropia- where either one of your eye or both turned themselves towards the side of the nose.
  • The Exotropia- some call it wall eyes because the condition of the eyes that are turned outside the face.
  • The Hypotropia- either one or your both eyes have turned themselves down
  • The Hypertropia- Eyes turned up

So it would be best to have your eye treated as soon as you have noticed some symptoms and malfunctions, have it with for best and accurate solutions.

The Lazy Eye Conditions

This is scientifically known as the Amblyopia which is a condition of having the brain unsynchronized with the eye movements and commonly noticed in babies. So, if happen that this condition is noticed your child to have, never wait a long time to take action and have it treated as early as you can, because this may cause the loss of our child’s vision forever.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

  • When your eyes have undergone a surgery that affected your eye muscle.
  • If you have been diagnosed to have cerebral palsy.
  • The ignorance of the brain to acknowledge the signals from your eyes.
  • When the mother is a smoker/ drinker
  • Some cases are hereditary
  • Premature birth of your child as well as with low weight during its birth.

Other than these conditions, there are also uncommon factors and defects that are caused by rare diseases such as diabetes and any other complications that are affecting the eyes. So when you are experiencing some of the symptoms, better call the attention of your trusted eye doctor. Early treatment and diagnosis will help you a lot.

Author: Arne Agrimson

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